Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Wonderful November

So here I am on the last day of the month, almost the last hour of the day making my post about the month of November. I'm a slacker :) We have had quite an eventful month with the election, the first BIG snowfall, Jane turning 18 months old, and Thanksgiving. First off the election. . .boy those results came in fast! I am excited to see what the next four years will bring with Obama in office. I really hope we see the 'change' he has been talking about--and I hope it's for the better.

The first big snowfall of the year here happened the next day and Jane loved to look at it, but was very scared to touch it or step in it. We got her a big fluffy snow suit (she reminds us of that poor kid on Christmas Story who can't put his arms down).

Jane turned a year and a half on the 15th and she finally weighs 20 lbs!!! (too bad all the front facing car seats now say kids have to be 22 lbs. . . maybe by Christmas) She is talking so much more now and can say around 25-30 words (my favorite of which is "cool")

Thanksgiving was wonderful this year. We were able to spend it with Trent's entire family (immediate family, that is) and it was so fun having so many people around and kids scattered everywhere. Trent got to go shooting with the Bassett boys in the morning and they all had a great time. I got to scan ads for good Black Friday deals and smell the turkey cooking. mmmmm Jane loved playing with the dogs and her cousins and was so tired by the time we left she didn't even make it to the freeway before crashing. She was not so into turkey dinner but, to her great fortune, the other cousins left their half eaten pie slices on the table when they went to play, and Jane dug in! She was a little pie thief! And Grandpa Bassett egged her on by serving her whipping cream from the can right into her little mouth. That girl was in heaven!

Trent went shopping for us on Black Friday and got some good deals. I'm so glad that he's brave enough to go, because I'm sure not! Later that day we got our apartment all decked out for Christmas. . . now all we need is a tree!
We hope you all had a wonderful November. Here's looking forward to a snowy December :)

Monday, November 3, 2008


Well it was quite a shock on Saturday to look at the calendar and realize that we are now in November! October flew by! I swear it was a week long. . . whatever. We had a wonderful Halloween this year. Jane dressed up as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, Trent was Micheal Phelps the swimmer, and I went for the last second mime. We went Trick-or-Treating around our neighborhood and were disappointed to find that not many people were home at 5 in the afternoon. oh well. But it was still fun to have Jane knock on doors, say her version of "trick-or-treat", and then stare at amazement that people would give her candy. She wanted to eat everything she got the moment she got it. We had to stop and wait a few times while she inspected her loot. Then we went to our ward's Chili cook off and had some wonderful Chili and company. After the cook off we came home, put a sugar-high Jane to bed, and played games with our friends Jake and Jenni. Halloween has got to be one of the best holidays ever invented! And now we look forward to November with the election tomorrow (VOTE!!!!!), Jane turning 18 months old, and Thanksgiving. Good times ahead!