Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And now for something completely different. . .

A few weeks ago, Trent started up his Master's program. I'm excited for him to do it and know that it will be challenging for him but that it payoff in the end. He likes his classes so far and having a set schedule has been so nice for both of us. He only has one class a day (except for Monday, he has 2) so he has plenty of time to study--he'll go in to school early, study, go to class, and come home. PERFECT!!!

I also am going back to school this semester (say what?!). I have felt for a while like my mind is atrophying and that I need to better myself in an academic way but I couldn't find something that was do-able with kids and a husband in a Master's program, and that interested me. I found it! I am taking a course to certify as an EMT-B.This is very strange for me. If you know me you know that I avoid medical things/fields because 1)I don't like science 2) even the mention of blood/needles makes me wozzy 3) people in discomfort make me uncomfortable/even sick and 4)it's a field I thought I'd never really be that good at (mainly because of the previously mentioned aversions). But I had some experiences this year that really changed my thinking. The first was the illness and passing of my grandfather. The days leading up to his passing, I was able to be at his bedside caring for him. I didn't get wozzy or uncomfortable--in fact it was an honor to help him. I felt like I was doing some good even if it was only rearranging him so that he'd be more comfortable or clearing his airway so he could breath a little easier.
The second experience was on our way to Idaho this summer. We stopped at a rollover accident before EMS had arrived. Trent jumped right in stabilizing the woman, assessing her injuries. and working with an off-duty paramedic that had also stopped. I held a blanket over them as they worked so that they wouldn't be in direct sunlight. What amazed me was that there was blood--a significant amount--and I didn't get wozzy, in fact, I barely gave it a moment's thought. I had an overwhelming urge to help. Now I didn't really do anything that important, but I wanted to be down there talking with her, assessing her injuries, keeping her calm and conscious until the ambulance arrived. After, when we were driving away, I was on such a high I can't even explain. I had just thrown myself into a situation I would normally avoid like the plague because of my fears. I realized then that the medical field could actually be something I could do and it was time to overcome my fears and grow.

This is my third week in school. I absolutely LOVE it!!!! Not just that fact that I get to be around adults (and away from the kids) learning for 4 hours a day, 3 days a week--but I love what I'm learning. (I have even teared up twice now because I was so excited and happy to be there. I'm a nerd, don't worry). It feels good to be working my brain in a new way. I am excited about what I'm learning and it's great to come home and discuss it with Trent. It's given me a new level of confidence that I haven't had in a very long time. I am excited to see this through, hopefully pass my certifications, and be able to work in the field. Hopefully when Trent is done with his program I can go back and get my paramedic license, but one thing at a time. . .

My training badge.