Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pregancy Etiquette

With only 44 more days of pregnancy to go and having an appalling number of people say and do things that have dropped my jaw, here is a quick lesson on pregnancy etiquette:

-NEVER ask a pregnant woman if she is having twins. It makes her feel fat. If she's having twins, she'll let you know.
-NEVER stare at a pregnant woman with wide eyes and an open mouth and exclaim : "Wow you're big" or "You still have 2more months to go?!?!" or even "Whoa!". I get it, I'm big.
-Please don't tell a pregnant woman's husband that he looks pregnant too. Those sympathy pounds make her feel better and make him feel worse--you don't need to point it out.
-Touching a pregnant belly is acceptable, in my opinion, if you actually know the person. Randomly touching strangers bellies just because they have a baby in them is usually a weird thing for all involved.
-And last but not least, don't talk to a pregnant woman about your sister's, friend's, cousin who had a horrific birthing experience where the baby came early and it's head was sticking out all the way to the hospital while she was screaming in labor pains and the car ran out of gas to they had to walk 3 miles to even get to the hospital where the epidural didn't work and the baby was in the NICU for 3 months because of complications at which point they had to declare medical bankruptcy because of the bills. Believe me, EVERY pregnant woman has thought about all the things to go wrong. We don't need to add to that list or freak out about what could happen.

Thanks for listening to me on my soapbox. That is all. :)

P.S. To readers: I'm not overly upset at these things, in fact they make me laugh.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Family Vacation

The day after Trent graduated we headed off to Washington state. We got to the airport around 8am and had a heck of a time getting checked in and through security (Trent and I shared a bag, Jane had a bag, a car seat, a pack-n-play, and a stroller). We were really worried about Jane on a plane so we brought treats and a new coloring book and a portable DVD player and prayed like crazy she'd be ok. She liked being in her own seat with a big girl seat belt and as we were taking off, she patted her legs then raised her arms and yelled "Blast Off!" like on little Einsteins. It was so cute. She did well on the flight (thank all the powers that be).

After we got off the plane we rushed to the bus stop for the buss that would take us to downtown Seattle. We went with my whole family so there were 8 of us with all our luggage trying to fit on a city bus. Awesome--not. But we made it to the hotel and got to explore the city for the rest of the day. That night went to a lovely dinner on the pier. Best dinner I've had in a LONG time. . .mmmm seafood. . .

The next morning we went to the Seattle Aquarium and got to see all sorts of fun sea animals. Jane loved the touch pools. . . not so much for the animals in them, but just for the water. That afternoon we drove up to the Ferry launch place and took a ferry boat to Orcas Island. Jane loved the boat. She ran all around laughing and squealing and pointing at the water. It was fun just to watch her. When we got to the island we made it to the house we had rented and crashed.The next day was Mother's Day and my mom and I sat back while the boys did the cooking. They made a stellar breakfast of bacon, eggs, and pancakes and for dinner they BBQ ed steaks. mmmm.

Monday we had to check out of the house by 10 and couldn't check into the next house until 4 so we took a ferry to San Juan Island and sat on the shore watching for whales. None came but it was fun to explore the tide pools and see the seals pop their heads up and down now and then. Once we gave up on waiting for whales, we went into town and did some shopping. That night we made it to our next house and it was amazing! It was right on a cliff overlooking the ocean with a hot tub on the back deck so you could watch boats go by while you were soaking. The beach was a short walk away and had tons of star fish, crabs, and other little sea creatures when the tide went out. We spent the rest of the vacation on the island going on little hikes, canoeing out in the ocean, hot tubing, and playing games at night.

On Friday it was Jane's second birthday! I can't believe she's already 2. Blows my mind. She woke up crabby even after a pancake breakfast so Trent took her on a walk to the beach to throw rocks. When they came back they went 'swimming' in the hot tub (Jane's new favorite activity--we turn the temp down and just let her play with toys in there, she LOVED it!) After naps she got to blow bubbles with her Uncle Jon and then we went to a lake on the island and rented a paddle boat. We got out to the middle of the lake and all Jane wanted to do was touch the water--so much so she nearly fell over board trying to get to it so we decided to go back to shore and just let her play there. She started by bending over and touching the water on the shore, then that led to laying on her belly and getting her arms wet so we took her shirt off which must have made her feel free so she walked into the water in her socks, shoes, and jeans. She was having a great time washing rocks and splashing and stomping her feet. We finally stripped her pants off so there she was in nothing but socks, shoes, and a very wet diaper splashing around on a 60 something degree day. The girl was in heaven! On the way home we got popcorn and ice cream and soaked in the beautiful day. Jane helped me make her birthday cake and then we had dinner and opened presents and ate cake and ice cream until I couldn't move. It was great!

On our last day, we packed up and took the ferry to the main land and drove to Snoqualmie Falls. It was a spectacular view and a very impressive waterfall but it was very crowed so we didn't stay long and instead drove to Tacoma and went to a Glass museum where we got to watch as they blew glass (so awesome!). There were so many amazing glass creations and we wanted to take them all home with us. Too bad the cheapest piece was like$40. We rushed from the museum to the airport, ate dinner, then headed home.

It was such a wonderful vacation and we are so grateful to have gone. We needed the break from the real world and got to just slow down for a while. Going up to Washington really made me realize how truly beautiful this earth is. God is an incredible artist. Now we're back to reality and trying to figure out houses and our apartment (we're getting kicked out on June 30th because our building is falling apart) and trying to get ready for little man.

Monday, May 18, 2009


On May 7th, Trent graduated from the U of U with a BS in Nursing!!!!!!! We have been waiting for this day for a long time and he has worked soooo hard to get here! It's weird to think that he won't be going back to school in the fall, but at the same time, I'm so glad!!! Through the past 4 years, he's not only completed a bachelors degree, but he's also set up a program on campus to make it easier for University Health Care employees to get into Nursing school, he's worked full time, and he's managed to pull off a pretty impressive GPA. He walked at his convocation ceremony at Kingsbury Hall and of course I cried. I am so proud of him! He looked so official in his cap and gown. Although he was a little peeved that his college tassel color was peach. hahahaha! Congratulations, Honey!