Monday, August 23, 2010

Extreme Yard Makeover

Our big project since the spring was to get our yard in shape. When we bought our house, there hadn't been anyone living in it for over a year so the yard was a bit atrocious. Starting in March we poured a new cement pad for the deck stairs, built new deck stairs, put a railing up on the deck, tour out all the vegetation (most of it weeds and crabgrass), tilled and tilled and tilled, put in a sprinkler system and drip lines in the back yard (thank you Bassett boys!!!), put in curbing, planted flowers(thanks mom!), planted a vegetable garden, planted a peach tree, and hydro-seeded. It has been a very busy season for us but we feel like all the work has paid off. here are some before and after pics:

Side Yard Before:
Side Yard After:
Back yard Before/during:
Back yard After:Vegtable garden:
Deck before:
Deck after:

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Camping with the Larsens

This weekend we went with my family up American Fork Canyon to camp for a few nights. When we got there Thursday evening, all the campgrounds were full for the weekend so we had to go up a part of the canyon that is "undeveloped" to find a spot to camp. Good thing was it was free--bad thing was there were lots of 4 wheelers going around and there was no water. But we got to camp right by a stream and it was a big spot so in a way, we feel we lucked out. We had a great time sitting around the campfire, hiking, dipping our toes in the stream, fishing (Trent caught a fish!!!! I didn't and I don't want to talk about it. . .), and just having a fun/relaxing time.

We went on a beautiful hike just about Silver Lake flats.
Bubba and Trent Grandpa and Jane crossing a little bridge Lunch break!
Grant loved dipping his toes in the stream by our campsite--even though it was FREEZING cold! He was just as happy as could be!
It was a bit too cold for Jane. She stayed on her rock.
Yep, we're related. My bro Jon
Bubba the Happy Camper. He loved playing in/eating the dirt. He's such a boy! (Katrina and Oscar in the back)
Trent's fish!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bubba's Walking!

Grant is now walking. While he started walking weeks ago, this past week he has really taken off! He is so much more confident and this past weekend, he figured out how to turn around while walking! We are so proud of our little man! He's growing up WAY too fast!