Thursday, January 20, 2011

Arizona Here We Come

Well, it's official. We will be moving to Arizona this May so Trent can go to Grad school. We are planning on putting the house up for sale sometime in the next week (yikes!). We are excited for this new adventure but will be sad to leave so many great friends and all of our family behind. We will live in Arizona for a year and then will travel around so Trent can do his clinicals. (We know we will be in Tampa, FL for 6 months and then he'll have to do 3 other 3 month clinicals around the country). Who knows where we will end up but sometimes it's fun not knowing. :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Church is now Do-able

This Sunday was a fantastic one! Our church time switched from 11:00am (nap time) to 9:00 am (the happy time).

Grant made his debut in Nursery this week. It was his first week and boy did he LOVE it! He was walking around playing with all the toys, eating all the snacks, and marveling at the hand sanitizer and the abundance of kids his size. He was in heaven. And so were his parents. No longer do we have to wander the halls fighting him tooth and nail and praying that the kid will just fall asleep so we can go to class. We are free!!!!!

It was also Jane's first week in primary. We have a Sunbeam!!! She was so excited to go to primary--she was even convinced that she'd turned 4 because you have to be 4 to go to primary (or so she thought). She was so good in her class and moderately quiet during sharing time. She even made a new friend (she moved back a row during singing time to the CTR 4 class and made a new friend there). It's nice being in the Primary with her because I get to see my big girl grow!