Friday, September 21, 2012

My Cute Kids

*On Wednesday Jane told me: "I got my ears checked at school today, Mom"
Me: "Oh yeah?  How'd it go? Are they good ears? "
Jane: "I did great!  I raised my hand even when I didn't hear anything!"

*We have Monsters Inc in the car right now and every time we start the car the movie starts over.  The fist scene in the movie is a monster sneaking in to scare a kid.  Grant calls it the "scary monster".  Whenever it comes on he starts yelling, "Mom!  Close your eyes! Close your eyes!" and I watch him in the rear-view-mirror as his eyes go big and then squeeze shut, big and then squeeze shut until the climax where he is literally prying his own eyes open with his fingers.  It's so cute!

*The other night I made Shepard's Pie.  Jane was whining because she didn't like it and didn't want to eat it. "Moooommmmm. . ..I don't like this!  It's not even a pie!"

*Grant has been going potty now and then and we've decided to reward his efforts with little glow sticks and loads of praise.  Yesterday I went to the bathroom and he said, "yay mom! Get a glow-stick!  I'm so happy and proud!" aaww, thanks little buddy! I do my best :)

*When Grant says the word "Temple" it sure sounds like "tampon"

*Jane: Mom, when am I going to get born again?
Me: Honey you only get born once.
Jane: But in church they said you get born again when you are baptised. . .
Me: Oh. Well your body doesn't get born again, just your spirit.
Jane: Where's my spirit?
Me: It's inside you.
Jane: (wiggling and feeling her arms) Like in my bones?!?!  I can't feel it. . .

*The other day we were walking to the park and Grant was lagging behind.  I turned to see where he was at and he was picking something up off the sidewalk and putting it in his mouth.  I started yelling at him to spit it out, whatever it was.  When I got closer I realized that he'd peeled some old gum off the sidewalk and that's what he was eating.  GROSS! total "Elf" moment.

*Jane and I were talking about being good because Santa is watching.  She said: "I don't care I'm bad and her brings me coal.  I like rocks.  I have a collection." So much for that.

*When Jane and Grant play make-believe, Jane calls Grant "Dea".  I thought that was a weird pretend name but then noticed that Grant would say, "Hey! I have a idea. . . " and with his little man speech it must have sounded to Jane like "Hey! I am Dea" 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Surviving Fall

Autumn is always the hardest time of the year for me.  With the cooling air comes depression and restlessness.  It's been this way for years.  So I generally dread the onset of Fall.  This year is no different.  But I have chosen to embrace some of the things I LOVE about this season to try to make it through. 

Canning Peaches
Usually I do this with my Mom.  This year she decided to go have fun in Europe with my dad (rough life) so I got to fly solo for the first time.  Thanks to my wonderful Aunt and her fruit laden trees, I had a TON of peaches (for free!).  It was a bit more difficult doing it all by myself but it worked out.  The house smelled of peaches and burnt sugar, I had the windows open and Grant playing out on the deck.  It was a perfect day.

Harvesting our produce
I love having a garden.  It is one of the best things about living in a house.  The kids love to pick our ripe veggies and this year they were super pleased with the carrots.  If I don't keep a sharp eye on them, they will sneak out and pull up a few :)  We had a big crop of grape tomatoes and our little pumpkins make me happy.

Fall has a specific type of music, if you ask me.  Usually it's Coldplay, Damien Rice, or Tori Amos.  This year I've found a new artist to soothe my soul. Ed Sheeran.  What is it about weird looking red heads? (He and Brett Dennen amaze me).

While I hate Fall, I love Halloween.  It is my favorite holiday, next to Christmas.  And now I have the added aid of Pinterest to get my decorating on!  I'm working on a tulle wreath and am already planning out how to make the kid's costumes.  LOVE IT!