Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Little Tailgater Jane

So we took Jane to her first tailgate party yesterday. She got all decked out in her Ute spirit and then we walked down to the parties and ate some chicken strips and ice cream and got her her first temp tatoo! (what a rebel) It was hot and she was tired so she didn't enjoy it as much as we thought she would, but we are proud that our daughter is a little Ute!

Her first tatoo

Eating with fellow Ute fans

Ladies in Red

Walking home with dad

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering. . .my little brother comes home in 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

My New Vice

Ever since I was little, I have not liked chocolate. I was laughed at all through school for this and some people just did not believe me. I couldn't do it. I did like Resses peanut butter cups (with the excess chocolate around the outside removed, of course) or the occasional Hershey's Kiss, but offer me chocolate or vanilla and I'd pick vanilla every time.

I guess this all started a few years ago when I went out to lunch with a friend at Chili's and he made me try the Molten Lava Chocolate cake. I didn't promise anything, but I gave it a go so as not to be impolite. I was surprised to have liked it. I actually had more than one polite spoonful. From then on, I started expanding my chocolate horizons with a Hershey's bar here and there or a small piece of chocolate cake when occasion permitted.

But things started getting bad when my dear, sweet sister-in-law brought me a piece of chocolate cake she'd bought from Costco. It was a beast of a cake--huge beyond belief. And moist. . .oh it just melted in your mouth. it took the two of us a week but we finished off that entire cake.

The other day I had a girls night with some friends. We indulged and bought the beastly cake from Costco. It lite a fire in me! I now actually CRAVE chocolate! I don't even know myself anymore. I bought a pack of chocolate bars the other day and told Trent they were all mine. . .I was protective of the stupid things! I never understood why people, women in particular, spoke so highly of chocolate. Now I know. I've had a taste and there's no going back now!! Of course I'm still kind of picky about what chocolate I put in my mouth but I'm pretty sure the extra pounds I've gained in the last little while are proof that I'm hooked.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jane's a big girl. . .

This Satruday Trent ran a 5K that the Stake put on. He made good time and had fun. When we got home, he was stretching out and Jane sat down next to him and started stretching with him!!! It was so stinking cute!

Later in the day, Trent went to the U of U tailgate party and came home with a Jr. Ute shirt for Jane. She put it on and walked around like she owned the place. Here are the happy Utes. . .

And then today at church Jane didn't want to sit through Sunday school and by the time we got to Relief Society, she'd had it. I let her play in the hall with my friend Jenni and the little nursery kids came by on their way to snack time. She just joined right up with them!!! I kept wondering if she was doing ok so as soon as the closing prayer was done, I dashed to the nursery and peered in the window. There she was sitting nicely at the table coloring on a fish. She was perfectly content! I was so proud of her I almost cried! I went in to get her and she didn't want to leave. It was Daniel's birthday so everyone got a cupcake. She loved that! A big thank you shout out to the Ashcrofts for letting her join nursery. Hopefully they will let her back next week. . .Here she is with a cupcake covered face and her first nursery drawing (which is, of course, hanging on the fridge!)