Sunday, July 31, 2011


Rain, Rain, came todayThere was so much we had to play!

It's raining, it's pouring, this storm is not so boring!We went outside and couldn't hideWe won't have to water in the morning!

Monday, July 11, 2011

What is there to do in Twin Falls?

Play with friends!!!! This weekend we got to go up to Twin Falls, ID and have an awesome weekend with our dear friends the Kinghorns and the DePolas. On our drive up, we passed an overturned vehicle with some people trying to pull a woman from the car. We flipped around and Trent helped several other men attend to the driver (who was unconscious for about 3-5 minutes and who might have had some internal bleeding) until emergency crews showed up. I felt helpless so I held up a blanket to keep the sun off the woman and those helping her. It was such a scary feeling being there but such a relief that all 4 people in that car survived and only one was in need of immediate attention. We drove a bit slower after that.
Friday night the girls left the kids with the guys and had a fun GNO. Saturday the boys got thier turn and went golfing. When they got back we packed up and headed out to Wilson lake. Jake's dad had brought out his boat and we got to play. We all tried boat surfing (so fun! and I actually got up!), the kids swam, Trent, Mike, and Corie did some wake boarding, and we took the kids out one-at-a-time on the tube. We had food and sand and sun and rain and water and so much fun!
That night when the kids were sawing logs, we played pinochle---and for once the girls won!!!!! Go us!!! We all ate too much crap (aka candy, pop, and wings) that we felt sick but it was worth it! Thanks again Jake and Jenni for hosting!!!

The kids helping Jenni with breakfastSwimmingTrent boat surfingMe boat surfing (don't laugh)Chillin' on the boatGrant enjoying the watermelonTrent catching some air on the wake boardJane and me on the tubeGrant and Trent on the tubeThe mini 3 Stooges playing in the car. TROUBLE!!!The crew

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Bubba!

Happy Birthday little Bubba! We can't believe you are already 2. Wow time flies. You had a wonderful birthday today. We all came in singing to you in the morning and you got to open some presents in your bed. We played around in the morning and then went to Chuck E Cheese for lunch. You and sis had a blast (so did mom and dad, if we are being honest). You liked the carousal and the riding car the most and Sis liked the photo booth. We had pizza and root beer and opened some more presents with Aunt Charlene. You didn't even make it home before you fell asleep.Tonight we had a BBQ with your Grandparents (all of them) and you got to open even more presents and blow out candles (sis helped) and light fireworks (well, mostly smoke balls--they seem to be your favorite). Then Grandpa Bassett took you on a ride around the block--in the front seat!!! ( I think that was the highlight of your whole day.) Happy Brithday, little man. We love you!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th of July

We had a wonderful Independence day. Unfortunately Trent had to work during the day so the kids and I went up to my parents' house the night before and I got to run the Kaysville 5K in the morning with my dear friend Erin. I was nervous seeing as how the more I trained the slower I got so I just focused on beating my last real 5K time (last year around45 mins). Imagine my surprise when I crossed that finish line and the clock read 33 mins(and some-odd seconds--I wasn't wearing my glasses)!!!!! A personal record!!!! I was so proud! And sweet Erin and Steve were waiting and cheering for me at the finish line. I love those guys!After a wonderful breakfast at my parents' house, my mom, the kids, and I headed down to the Kaysville parade. Man, that was a HUGE event!!! I don't ever remember it being such a big thing. Good thing Erin let us sit with her on her nice reserved spot otherwise we would have had to watch the parade from Layton!
After naps the kids ran through the sprinklers and played with Grandma and Grandpa. My brother, Jon, and his wife came over and we had a delicious dinner (thanks Kat!) and then headed home so that we could light fireworks when Trent got home.
The kids loved fireworks this year. However, don't give Grant a sparkler--he waves it around like a crazy man. Lesson learned. After putting the extremely tired kids to bed, Trent and I climbed up on the roof and watched fireworks all across the valley. It was a spectacular show (good thing we live next to some rich neighborhoods with people willing to blow their money on aeril fireworks!!! good times.)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Drew's Baptism

This past weekend our nephew, Drew, was baptized down in St. George. It was a wonderful weekend with family and I LOVED the heat!!!!! Here are some pics from the trip:

The kids at the hotel all ready to go swimming!!
Fun in the sun
Grant enjoyed Drew's baptism so much, he decided to baptize someone random doll in the bucket full of ice/water/pop cans.
Happy 8th Birthday Drew!!!