Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pinterest made me do it!

 So I have fallen in love with the website Pinterest.  I have found so many fun things on there!!!  Crafts, garden ideas, recipes,  fun ideas to do with the kids, party ideas, etc.  So over the past several months, I've gotten crafty (with the help of others and their wonderful ideas)  Here are a few of my creations:
Aprons for my Finer Girls to keep food off or husbands on. . .
A Get Well Card. . .With band-aids.  Creative, right? Wish I could take credit.

Jane and Grant's fingerprints in baked clay made into key chains for Mother's Day
A Ninja onesie!!!!

Ninja onesies and dolls to go with an awesome book for my brother and his wife's first baby. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dirty Dash 2012

After the blast we had last year, we decided to do the Dirty Dash again this year.    We wanted a later time so we could get muddier and so that we would finish close to the start of the Piglet Plunge.  What we didn't anticipate were the crowds and the traffic.  Man!  We waited in traffic for 30 mins just to get into the parking lot.  We were late for our start time so we just started running when we got there.  They added new obstacles this year.  Lots more. Which was cool other than we had to wait in lines at most of them which made it less like a Dash and more like a  day at Disneyland (without the magic).  But it was fun.  We got WAY muddier than we did last year and that dirt refused to come out, even with Oxyclean. :)
We made our kids do the Piglet Plunge this year.  Mostly because I wanted to do the Slop n' Slide again.  Jane was excited for it but that excitement seemed to dim when she got hit with cold spraying water.  Grant was at first worried about the mud being on him and then he was just mad we were making him hike up the hills.  Oh well.  Someday they will thank us, right :)