Friday, April 29, 2011

Jane's prayer tonight:

Dear Heavely Faddor,
Thank you for dis bootiful, shiny, sparkwy day. Thank you for tickle fights and pillow fights and "Fee Fie Foe". Pwease bwess great grandpa and grandma Bassett. And pwease bwess the hippo.
In the name Jesus Christ, Amen.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Jane and Grant on Easter Sunday
Bassett's Easter egg hunt
South Jordan City's Easter egg hunt (Notice the snot streaming down Grant's face. nice.)

Aunt Charlene's Easter egg hunt (Jane would gather all the eggs then make us re-hide them over and over and over again. That girl love egg hunts!)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Trouble--That's what we have changed Grant's name to. Friday when we got home from Idaho, I was in on the computer and Trent was downstairs. I thought he was watching Grant and he thought I was. Yep, the kid was unattended and he made the most of it. He went to our bathroom, unrolled the TP and threw it in the toilet. Then he went to Trent's drawer and got out his electric beard trimmer. He'd seen how Trent used it and we use similar clippers on his hair so he gave it a go and took a big chunk, down to the scalp, out of his hair. Trent tried to fix it up and ended up having to shave his head (but he left a little 'Mohawk of Shame' just for fun!)
Later that night we were trying to plunge the toilet out and it just wouldn't budge. After a lot of elbow grease with our stupid plunger, something floated to the surface--a ball. But did that unclog it? Nope. There was something else in there that wouldn't budge. Trent had to take the toilet completely out to find Grant's surprise: another ball. (It would seem that these balls were custom made to clog our toilet--they were exactly the right size.)

Where our toilet should be:Where our toilet is now:


Friday morning my grandfather passed away. He was able to be at home surrounded by family his last few days and our little family had the opportunity to be with him since Tuesday. He fought a hard and ever changing fight these past 6 months. On his last night, I got to watch over him. My Aunt Pam and I took the late shift and held his hands and tried to clear his throat and keep him comfortable. He had been getting gradually worse throughout the day and there were a few times we thought it was the end, but he pulled through. Around 4 am, my Dad woke up to relieve me. I didn't want to leave Grandpa's side but I could barely keep my head up. I gave him a kiss and told him good night, that I loved him, and good-bye. Then I went and laid down. At 4:30 ish, Dad woke us up to say that Grandpa had passed.

While this past week was exhausting and emotional and a roller-coaster to say the least, I am so grateful that I was able to be there with him and to get to help take care of him.

The Hospice case worker brought a book for Jane to help her understand what was going on. It's called, "What Happens When People Die?".
It gave such a simple and spot on description that the book was actually a great help to me. Both the book and the Hospice case worker talked about how birth and death are similar. I had never had that perspective before. It occurred to me, sitting around that last night with family all around chatting, laughing, passing the time, that deaths are a lot like births. Sometimes prolonged and difficult. Family members are all around waiting for your next stage. It is a truly sacred occasion to be there not only when someone enters this world, but also when someone leaves it.

It was interesting to me to look around while I was sitting with Grandpa. His bed was in the living room and as I held his hand and watched him, I looked around at the life he had created. His shelves were lined with books. Hundreds of books. Mostly information
books about plants or animals or “The Joy of Mathematics”. My grandpa did not leave this world empty handed. He took with him knowledge and experience. He took with him an exceptional appreciation for all of God’s creations. He loved to learn. He was an extraordinary Gardner. He will be missed.

Grandpa on his last day outside (Tuesday). The weather was wonderful and the neighbors with the help of their teenagers and their friends had come over and cleaned out the garden beds.
Jane loved to hold Grandpa's hand. She has been praying for him for months. When I found out that he had tumors in his lungs and was being sent home with Hospice, I explained that Great Grandpa was going to die. That night, she prayed: "And please bless that Great Grandpa will go be with Heavenly Father." The night before he passed away she prayed: "Please bless that Great Grandpa can stop coughing" because his lungs were full and he would try to get stuff up but had a hard time.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cousin Day

Today we got to have over some of Jane's cousins because their moms were out of town. Jane had been looking forward to today for the last week and woke up this morning saying "When are they coming? When are they coming!?!?" We had an eventful day playing dress-up, coloring with sidewalk chalk, playing with Play-doh, making butterfly bracelets, coloring Princess pictures, Playing outside, watching Princess shows, running from spiders, eating Mac & Cheese, building a fort, jumping on Uncle Trent, eating snacks, playing hospital, and watching it hail. What a day! WE should ll sleep well tonight :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Note to Self:

Don't leave this kid unattended. EVER!Today he was "playing" downstairs while Jane and I were upstairs. when I went to check on him, he had dismantled the vacuum cleaner and spilled it's contents all over the floor and himself. (and yeah, that vacuum was FULL of dirt/dust/whatever) When I went to clean it all up, he stomped his little chubby feet in the neat piles I had made. Girls may be drama, but boys are TROUBLE! (That's him looking up the Barbie's dress. . .seriously--this kid!)

2nd note to self:
FIND YOUR CAMERA!!! Darn sucker has been missing for over a month. boo.