Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Things Motherhood has Taught Me

*Ears are great places to hide Play-doh
*Even Care-bears have trials
*The box is always better than the toy
*Toilets make great swimming pools for all sorts of objects, including small children
*The 3 worst words in the English language are "No," "Mine," and "Why?"
*4 straight hours of sleep can be so refreshing
*Gravity wins every time
*If your kid is having difficulty with speech, just use cuss words--they pick those up the fastest
*"Clean" is relative phrase
*Honesty is the best policy
*Patience is, in fact, a virtue--- not a natural ability
*Band-aids are the ultimate cure-all
*Big boobs aren't as cool as I thought they'd be
*"Child-proof" just means "parent-proof" or "false-sense-of-security"
*Where there's a will, there's a way (see above)
*Who needs crack when you have sugar?
*I now understand why we are supposed to be like little children. They forgive, they forget, and they see the best in everyone.
*Not all Crayola markers are washable
*My biggest accomplishments are those of my children

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Logan Retreat

This past weekend we met some of our dearest friends in Logan. We all met when we lived in student housing and we try to get together at lest twice a year now that we are scattered about. It was a fun weekend--we played games, went swimming, visited my brother and his wife, took all the kids to the Fun Center, and ate until we were sick. Jane was very brave at the Fun Center and swimming. We were so proud of her! Grant, however, was very much under the weather. Friday night, after we got there, he was crabby and had a slight fever. The next day he was feverish, had a runny nose, and was so tired. So we decided to go home a day early on Sunday. Monday we took him in and found out he has a double ear infection, poor dude.
Despite the sickness, we had such a great time and look forward to our next reunion.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be my Valentine

This year Jane got really excited for Valentines Day (she's really starting to get holidays!). Her preschool class was going to have a Valentines party and card exchange and Jane decided to make her own cards this year (with a little persuasion from her mother). We used the Cricut to make the hearts, the computer to print the cards, and then Jane glued on hearts to each Valentine. She has some mad gluing skills! After the cards were complete, she helped me make sugar cookies to attach to the cards. She cut out the cookies, watched them bake, let me frost them, and then loaded them with star sprinkles and conversation hearts. No doubt her friends were on sugar highs after eating their cookies :) Happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things I LOVE about my Kids

*The faint freckles on Jane's nose and cheeks
*Bubba's own little language (he knows what he's saying--too bad no one else does)
*The way Jane will sing songs (sometimes of her own invention) at the top of her lungs when the mood suits her (usually at bedtime when she's supposed to be sleeping or in a public place like the grocery store). The ones she makes up are so dang cute (and make no sense 99% of the time)
*The way Bubba's left eyelid bobs up and down when he sucks on his binki or on a bottle when he's really tired (he used to do it every time he nursed, so we called it his "nursing eye)
*The way Jane jumps. The sweet kid can't really get her feet off the ground and it looks more like a full body spasm, but she tries really hard and is so proud of herself.)
*Bubba's dancing. The kid gets down! His favorite is the opening song in Barney. I used to hate that show but watching how much he loves it has changed it for me.
*Jane's imagination. That girl has "Fancy Parties" all the time and makes Bubba play school with her.
*The way Bubba's face scrunches up and his eyes get all squinty when he smiles.
*Jane's caring personality. She gets so concerned when someone is sad or she hears another kid crying. She always does her best to comfort whomever is distraught.
*The way Bubba tries to blow his nose (he more just blows a raspberry into the tissue.)
*The fact that Jane calls her coloring/painting "artwork" (totally her Grandpa's girl)
*Bubba's big cheeks
*Jane's long eyelashes
*The way the two of them get along so well. Yeah, they fight and scream at each other, but at the end of the day, they are best friend either of them has.
*Grant will wait outside Jane's door if she sleeps longer than him knocking or calling to her.
*The way they both rush to the door in excitement when Daddy comes home.
*Jane is so smart. I marvel at how much she has learned in her short 3 1/2 years on earth.
*Grant is all boy. He growls when he "flexes" his muscles, likes to hit things, and tries to copy everything his daddy does.
*Jane's constant effort of negotiation. She's going to excel in debate someday.
*Bubba's love for food. The kid rarely fights me on eating. He'll shove everything he can in his mouth as fast as he can and then have a pickle of a time trying to swallow something that big (his nursing eye gets real wide and you can tell it takes great effort to open up his throat that wide. But he does it!)
*The way Jane remembers who gave her things. Everything she owns (toys, clothes, art supplies, etc) she knows who gave her each item. She'll recall this sometimes and say, "That was nice of them, wasn't it?"
*Jane's prayers. (she will pray for things like "Please bless I marry daddy in a white dress" or "please bless I can go to Disneyland". She also prays for people she knows need it)
*the way Grant taps you on the back when he gives you a hug
*How excited Jane gets about things
*the way Grant chews his food (he makes yuumy sounds while he eats.)
*How social they both are.

I am so blessed to have these sweet souls in my life. We might not always get along but I know I couldn't have asked for better kids. I love you, guys!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

For Sale!

Our house has officially been on the market now for 5 days. I must also note that our house has been spotless now for 5 whole days. That's some kind of all-time record for me! (And man, am I tired!) Here's hoping we get a buyer soon! (or, in this market, at all!)

Also, if anyone is looking at buying or selling a home right now, we have an AWESOME Realtor, Jay Bentley, that I'd love to introduce you to. He is so easy to work with and really goes the extra mile. Let me know.