Monday, June 30, 2008

Baby Bryn

On Saturday night we got a new niece! Trent's brother Todd and his wife Jenn had their sweet baby, Brynlee Anne, at LDS hospital. We got to have their other daughter Addy over while they were in the hospital. Her and Jane are like peas and carrots! The best of friends! We watched movies, went to a wedding reception, played with glow sticks, told stories, and ate a bunch. It was such a blast having her with us. Jane thought Christmas had come early! Today she went through Addy withdrawals, poor girl. We are so excited to have Baby Bryn in our family! Here are some pics from the weekend. . .

Jane and Addy watching Finding Nemo

Cousin Bath time!

The Proud Daddy and his daughters

I got to hold her! (I was getting over a cold, that's why I'm wearing a mask. . .)

Uncle Trent (he was sick, too.)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ant Problem

So we have had an ant problem in our bathroom (of all places) for a little over a month now. When it first started, we had the bug guy come and spray. This was effective but not perfect. The little ants would crawl out onto the middle of the floor and die. There were so many of them! I'd sweep up little ant bodies every other day. But at least they were dead. Then Sunday I noticed that there were some big fat flying ants, and they weren't dying. in fact, the little ants weren't even dying anymore. And they just kept coming. So I called the trusty bug killer man again and he came over and took a look. "Oh, yeah, those are just Queen Ants looking to make a colony. They do this every spring" I know he meant these words to be reassuring, but QUEEN ANTS!?!?!?! COLONY?!??!? I was freaking out. Plus, having just seen the new Indiana Jones movie, I have a newly acquired fear of ants so I just pictured them swarming me and taking me to their colony to eat me. I haven't let Jane near the bathroom in fear that they would haul the little girl off. Anyway, he sprayed and went on his way. The ants are back to crawling out and dying now and I am grateful for that.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Finally, Pictures from the Birthday Luau

Sorry it has taken me so long to post pictures from Jane's first birthday party but here they are. It was a wonderful party and we were all exhausted afterwards. good times!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cousin Day at the Zoo

Tuesday we went with Trent's parents, our sister in law and her four kids, two cousins from St. George, and Addy to the zoo. It was quite a trip! Jane loved having all her cousins around--I think she liked that even more than the animals! We got to see the bird show, which was fabulous, and Grandpa bought us all yummy Kettle corn. Here are some pictures from the fun day.

Jane, Trent, Hogan, Suzie, and Ellie on the train. Choo! choo!

Grandpa, Drew and Sage on the train.

Grandma and Addy on the train. Good times.

Got room for one more? Grandpa rented this stroller for Sage and Addy and Jane wanted to join in the fun so we plopped her right in the middle! The girls had a blast riding in the girl wagon eating popcorn and seeing all the animals.

Sage, Jane, and Cambree waiting for the Bird Show to start.

Trent helping Jane feed the bird a dollar for the donation box. Jane loved being that close to the bird!!