Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

So I've been a slacker on blogging lately so I've posted 5 new posts tonight. Be sure to scroll down. . .

Tonight we carved our pumpkins. Jane has been looking forward to this since we pulled out the Halloween decorations. We'd mention pumpkins and she'd say, "I cut it, I cut the pumpkin. . ." And tonight she got her chance. She loved playing in the pumpkin guts--squishing her fingers through them and pulling them from the pumpkin. She saw that we were drawing on the pumpkins (to plan out where to cut) so I drew on hers, cut it out, and then ran upstairs for a minute. When I came back down, she'd grabbed the marker and drawn all over her pumpkin! It wasn't only a carved pumpkin, now it was an art masterpiece! Trent did an awesome "Jack the Pumpkin King" face--he always is so creative! Chompy slept through the whole thing, but we carved a little pumpkin for him anyway. Now with the pumpkins carved, the candy bought, the house decorated, and the costumes done we are ready for Halloween!The ArtistJane and her pumpkin (somewhat cleaned off) She gave it a hug and said, "I love you, pun-kin!"The finished products

On The Farm

This past weekend we headed up to Idaho for my cousin's mission welcome home. It was a great visit with the fam and nice to get away for at least a day or two. My Aunt and Uncle live on a farm in Idaho Falls and we were able to take Jane out and show her all the animals. She was in heaven! She met llamas, chickens, peacocks, a cat, and some goats. Trent thought it would be a good idea to have her ride one of the goats. Here's a short clip of her goat riding. . .I think she'll be ready to mutton bust in a year or two :)

Jane and Trent making friends with the goats
Jane and Great Grandma McGaryMy guysJane and Grandpa LarsenMy mom pulled out her old Snow White costume from the 5th grade and let Jane play in it. She wouldn't take it off for anything! Here's a pic of Chompy getting revenge on his sister. He looks so innocent. :)

The Dentist

Today Trent and I had appointments to go to the dentist. Our appointments overlapped a bit so we had Jane and Grant there making the office a lively place. We asked when we should start having Jane come in for appointments and they said how about right now so they fit her in. I was a bit worried how it would go over (seeing as how we have to tie her down just to brush her teeth each night) but the dentist was so good with her!!! He had her open up so he could count her teeth and then he braved cleaning them which didn't go too bad either. She got to hold his special straw (that suction thingy) while he tickled her teeth with the scrubber and there was a TV on the ceiling so she got to watch cartoons during the whole thing, too! After the dentist was done, he told her she did such a good job, she could get a prize and a new toothbrush. Jane was stoked! She got a green gem ring and to top it all off, a Little Mermaid toothbrush. She ran over to me (I was still in the chair being worked on) and just started excitedly telling me all about how the dentist cleaned her teeth and gave her a prize and a princess toothbrush! Ever since she tells us, "I want to go back to the dentist!" Keep that attitude my little one. . .
We didn't bring a camera because we weren't expecting her to get a check up but we got a couple of pictures from Trent's phone.

Bassett Halloween

I'm a bit behind on the blogging. Two Saturday's ago we had the annual Bassett family Halloween party. As always, it was a blast and Cathy B. out-did herself again. We had yummy dinner and then the kids got to do an obstacle course, a pinata, crafts, bingo, the famous fishing pond, and a dounut eating contest. Here are pics from the event:
Our family: The Fairy, the princess, the monkey, and the red-neckJane as Sleeping BeautyChompy our little monkeyThe Bounce house at the end of the obstacle courseThe make-shift princess castle for Aroura(Jane) and Ariel(Addy)Doughnut eating contest

Gardner Village

The other day my mom and I took the kids to Gardner Village. We'd never been there before but had heard wonderful things about it, especially during Halloween. It was such a blast! There were witches everywhere, darling little shops, and Halloween spirit in the air. They even had a petting zoo! I'd like to go back sometime when they have the hayride to the witch's house, but that will have to be another day. . .
Petting zoo
Witches playing ball. . .House of pumpkinsWitchy Poo! Hahaha!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

One boy, One girl. . .

Five years ago a boy and a girl went out on a date. They had never met each other-- just talked on the phone once to set up the date. She picked him up at his apartment to find two eager roommates. He stepped out and her heart leaped--what a hottie! They went to dinner at the Training Table and talked the whole way there--not an awkward moment, much to their surprise. At dinner he asked, "Do you dance? You have the body of a dancer." Nice pick up line. She felt flattered. After dinner, they went to play laser tag. They played for another date and ice cream. He later claimed that he lost on purpose. She knows the truth. Sparks vs Hound dog--Sparks killed him! She took him home and said good bye at the door step. He invited her in for a movie. She declined, having to get up early the next morning and started to walk away. He ran to the stairwell and asked her again to come in. She declined, even though her heart was racing.

Five years later, they have two beautiful children, two degrees, a mortgage, and each other. I love you Trent. Thanks for taking a chance on the unknown!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our House

The other day I decided to get with it and finish the last room in the house we needed to paint: the downstairs bathroom. I picked out a lovely shade of lavender (I thought) and went to town. Turns out the color was more of an electric purple. oh well. Here are the before and after pics:



After taking these pictures, I realized that I never posted pictures of our house. So here is the grand tour. Another big thank you to everyone who helped us get into our home: family, friends, and our awesome Realtor. If anyone is looking for a home or looking to sell, give our Realtor a call. His name is Jay Bentley (with Realty Executives) and he is fantastic to work with! He really bent over backwards to get us into our home. 801-598-5921

And now for the tour. . .

The front room

Living room

dining area


Toy room/Office/Craft room

Jane's room

Kid's bathroom

Grant's room

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom