Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Someday My Prince Will Come

The other day Jane and I were playing inside while Trent was out on the deck fixing Christmas lights. Suddenly, Jane jumped up, said, "I have to go potty", and started running for the bathroom. On her way she got distracted when she saw Trent out on the deck. She paused, walked to the window, put her face as close as she could to it, then began singing, "Someday my Prince will come. . . . .and tickle me! tickle me! tickle me!" then she ran to the bathroom.

That girl LOVES her dad. Once we were talking and I told Jane, "One day you will find your prince." She responded, thoughtfully, "Yeah. Right now he's at work."

At night she prays that she will get to "marry daddy in a white dress". If we forget to pray for that, she quickly reminds us.

One day I explained that she couldn't marry daddy because mommy already married him. She got a stern look on her face and said, "Mom, you need to share!!!"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bassett Christmas

Last weekend we hosted the annual Bassett Family Christmas party. It was a lot of work but it all paid off. We got our first full family picture since Trent and I were married (5 1/2 years ago). Since that last picture, the family has gained one more daughter-in-law, and 9 more grand-kids. It was about time we got a new one. My dear and talented friend, Mindi, took the pictures for us.
After pictures we headed to the church and stuffed our faces with warm soups, bread, and snacks. Then we had a gingerbread house decorating contest. Jane and Trent did most of the decorating on our little house and it turned out beautifully! (We won the award for "Best use of Frosting" (probably due to our awesome frosting lake in the back yard!) After the decorating we did our own version of Minute-to-Win-it games. Our little family won a few medals which Jane proudly wore around her neck. After Grandma Bassett read "The Night Before Christmas", Santa came!!!! He brought little gifts for all the kids and they all got to sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Jane was scared but brave and for the first year didn't cry. Grant had no problem sitting on Santa's lap--after all, the man was giving out treats/toys! After Santa left, we exchanged gifts between families and then talked about what gifts we were giving to baby Jesus. It was a wonderful party that helped us get in the holiday spirit.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Virgina is for Lovers (and Eskimos)

This last week, Trent and I had the opportunity to fly out to Virgina so Trent could interview at a Grad school out there (Virgina Commonwealth). I was not too excited to be leaving the kids for so long, but it was nice to get away. The flights out there were long, bumpy, and delayed. But, after a day of travel, countless Ginger Ales and peanut packets, and then loosing said Ginger Ales and peanuts at the airport bathroom, we made it to our destination. The next morning, I dropped Trent off at his interview and then went Walkabout for 5 hours. Okay, I live in Utah--a place known for big winters--but NOTHING could have prepared me for the kind of cold they have in Virginia. As I walked around seeing the city, I was frozen to my core! There wasn't any snow and the sun was out but I was so cold that I occasionally had to move my face in weird contorted ways so that I knew it was still there. After having enough of the city, I drove out just beyond it and found the most beautiful homes I have ever seen!!! (We looked them up later. Only $2 million. . .) I also got to tour the frozen gardens of a mansion. That place must be stunning in the spring/summer! (the sweet old ladies from the Historical Society at the mansion, seeing that I was freezing, offered that in the summer, it's blazing hot with 99% humidity. Thanks for sealing the deal there ladies). Having had enough of the cold and fearing for the safety of my ears, I stopped in at a Target and bought both Trent and I hats. Best purchase EVER! My ears were thankful.
The next day we decided to go down to Williamsburg and Yorktown. Williamsburg was surprising buzzing with people (for a Wednesday in early December). You had to pay big bucks to actually go in most of the houses so we just waked around outside (bundled up with layers of clothing, scarves, and our new trusty hats). Each house had a unique wreath on it. I think that was my favorite part of Williamsburg (besides the church).
After walking around Williamsburg we headed over to Yorktown. I had a severe migraine headache come on so I stayed in the car while Trent drove around and saw the sites and learned the history. Yorktown was where our country won our independence. It was a big seaside battle ground with caves and wide open fields. I wish I could have seen more of it than I got to.The next morning we packed up and headed out to Virginia Beach. Being 'beach people' we ere excited to see the ocean. Too bad it was butt-freezing cold. Beaches, as it turns out, are not so fun when it feels like 60 below. Oh well. They had a nice gift shop. It was a wonderful trip but we were glad to be home that night hugging our babies and basking in the 40 degree dry Utah weather.