Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We were just sitting at dinner talking about how daddy is coming home soon. Jane looked me square in the face and said, "I like Dad best." I know I probably should have been insulted, but I couldn't help but laugh. At least she's honest! :)

In other news, Grant's first tooth broke through today!!! He's been a bit crabby lately and I just attributed it to gas but for once it wasn't! Poor guy! We are so excited to have this new tooth! (but if I get bit, it's formula feeding time!)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Obsessed with Vinyl

So my awesome husband got me a Cricut machine for Christmas. I'd been wanting one for a while but didn't know just how much I'd enjoy the thing. I've been able to cut things for cards and for Jane and recently, thanks to a creative sister-in-law, I've been turned on to vinyl. I got all excited to get vinyl and get going. I bought some from e-bay then found out I'd gotten the wrong stuff so I sold that on ksl.com and went to the supply store my sis-in-law told me about. I went nuts! I bought yards and yards of vinyl, transfer tape, and a squeegee to apply it. I've had a blast playing with different fonts and finding different sayings to put up on the walls. Our house is starting to look like a scrapbook! But I'm having fun. So if anyone wants to play with vinyl, give me a call--I'm always game!

Play Room

Grant's room

Jane's dresser

Above the Pantry in the Kitchen ( I know I'm missing an accent. . .I'm working on it!)

Above the washer and dryer

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dino Playland

On Monday we had the opportunity to go to the Dino play-land at the South Towne mall to hang out with some of our friends from the village. It was so fun to see everyone and catch up on everyone's lives. It made me miss living in the village and being able to see everyone all the time. The play-date was planned to say good-bye to Abby who is moving with her family to California for her husband's internship. They will be greatly missed! Jane is betrothed to Abby's son Asher (that is if he will still have her after she pushed him around). What a fun morning! Thanks to all who came!
The crew (minus Kate who was shopping at the time)

The Bulley

So you know that kid in nursery or daycare or on the playground that likes to push and kick and take toys that aren't his/hers and pull hair and cause general mischief. I used to loathe that kid. This past month, it has come to my attention, that Jane is that kid. Two weeks ago she got kicked out of nursery for pushing and pulling hair. The nursery leaders exact words were: "Usually she's pretty good, but today it's been really bad." I took her back to nursery after a talk about being nice and watched her push an unsuspecting kid off of his chair so she could sit there for snack time. What the?!?!!? We had several long talks with her about "hugs not hits" and that she wouldn't be able to go back to nursery if she was mean. This past Sunday she stayed in nursery the whole time. When I went to pick her up I asked the teachers how she was. They looked at me kind of strangely and said, "She was fine. She just went around hugging everyone. . ." I was so proud and happy that that was all it took to solve her violent ways. But alas, it wasn't.

We went to a playground at the mall with some friends the next day and Jane was terrible!!! She was pushing and pulling and hitting. She pushed some unknown kid off of the top of the slide flat on his back! She took several time outs and still the message didn't sink in. It wasn't until I took away one of her princess dolls that she started to regret her actions.

I am totally beside myself! I don't know how to change this behavior. She isn't really around other kids that much (besides Bubba) so I don't know if the solution is to schedule more play dates for her (but then I worry about the well being of the poor kids chosen to play with her) or whether to isolate her until the behavior improves. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And a big apology to all those kids out there that my daughter has bullied. We are working on it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sleepy Guy

Sundays have become increasingly difficult now that we are at the 1:00 church time. The kids don't get naps and by the end of the day we are all so tired it's hard to see straight. Sunday we put Bubba in his walker while we got Jane ready for bed. When we looked over he looked like he was praying. Turns out he fell asleep standing up. Poor kid!