Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Break!!!

This week we took advantage of Spring Break and headed South to St. George and Vegas. It was a quick 4 day trip but we were able to do a lot in that time. We went swimming, hiking, walked the strip, went shopping, Trent rode a VERY fast roller coaster, and we drove a ton! Jane had a lot of firsts on this trip: first bagel, first Cheetos, first big girl stroller, first time walking the Vegas strip, and she went on her first ride. We had a blast! Here are some pictures from our adventure:Jane and Whit swimming in St. George

Jane's first bagel. It was attacked!

Trent and Jane at the M&M factory in Vegas

Jane's favorite part of the trip: The FAO Schwarz store in Caesar's Palace. She loved all of the stuffed animals and giggled at every one we held up to her. We couldn't let her leave without one, so she got a little monkey named Otto.

Hiking in Snow Canyon. It was beautiful and the weather couldn't have been better!

Here is Jane on her first ride ever! She was nervous so we are glad that Snoopy was there by her side :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Disney Princess' on Ice!!!!!

Friday Jane and I went with my parents to see Disney on Ice: Princess wishes. I was reallly weary to go, it was at Jane's bedtime and she had been pretty fussy that day so I really didn't think that she'd last through a two hour ice show. We went anyway and I'm so glad we did! We got there and almost every little girl was dressed up like a Disney Princess! Jane lasted through the whole show and even watched with wide eyes, kicking her feet, clapping her hands, and sometimes singing along with the characters! It was truely a magical night! I even felt like a 5 year old again. Something about Disney and the classic stories makes the world seem magical and happy. Next year we are dressing up :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008


When trying to get into nursing school, Trent found that it wasn't so much your experience that mattered as much as your GPA. He was also frustrated that IHC had a program to benefit its employees by having a specific amount of spots reserved in the nursing program at SLCC and the U of U did not. So, for almost a year now Trent has been working hard with people at the University Hospital and the U of U to form an alliance and reward those hard working University Health Care employees that are trying to get into nursing school. He worked with the CNO (Chief Nursing Officer) of the hospital and the Health Education department to come up with a program called FUUN (Future University of Utah Nurses). While this progam has been in place since last summer, they just recently got the breakthrough they were looking for: 30 spots in a nursing program reserved specifically for University Health Employees with high reccomendations!!!! The first program starts in MAY!!!!! Last night at a meeting to tell employees the specifics, (which drew over 100 people) Trent was recognized for his efforts in making all of this possible. We are so proud of him and all that he has done to help others on their road to nursing school. GO TRENT!!!! (Fun fact: Trent was bouncing around names for the program before settling on FUNN and one idea was the Future Nurses Association. . . which abbreviated is FNA. hahahahaha! while we thought this was wildly funny, it was also kinda naughty so FUUN took its place!)

On another note, last week I graduated from my Self Defense class. So don't mess with me or I will have to lay the smack down. you have been warned. . . :) check out the picture in the bottom right. . .

Friday, March 7, 2008

A Trip to the Zoo

Today I took Jane to the zoo for the first time ever! I think that I was more excited than her (getting out of the apartment is my new favorite thing). She didn't really get what was going on at first, she was just excited that there were so many little kids running around and that her cousin Addy was there. When we went to see the cats, there was a leopard that was pacing right in front of the window and making all the little kids squeal with delight. Jane just watched the big cat walk back and forth. She also liked the giraffes --probably because we were able to get so close and they were moving around, too.

I think all in all she had a good time. It might have been a bit confusing with all my pointing and excited high pitched "Look at that Jane!", but hopefully she will get what's going on and get excited about the animals too. We got a year membership so watch out animals. . . here come the Bassetts!!! :)