Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ER Clinical

Last night I did my required 10 hour ER clinical. I was nervous because my ride-along for my Basic class was a total bust--not one call. But last night ROCKED!
I got to help/learn from several wonderful nurses and doctors. I finally got IV sticks down (I got 5 in successfully with one miss and 2 that hit valves and I couldn't advance the catheter). I also got to help with a shoulder relocation. I was just observing and the doctor called me over and asked me to hold counter traction with a bed sheet. So while the doctor pulled on the guy's arm, I pulled the opposite direction with his chest. After several minutes *Pop* it was back in. So Cool!!!! I also got to draw up lots of blood for labs, take lots of vitals, administer some meds, give a tetanus shot, set up IV sets, and witness a pelvic exam and the insertion of a Foley catheter. I even got some homework done in the"down time". I learned sooooo much last night and I'm still grinning from ear to ear about the whole thing. Hopefully someday I can actually get a job in an ER. . .here's hoping!!!