Friday, December 14, 2012


The other day the kids and I were driving in the car and I hear Grant making lip smacking noises.  I asked what he was doing.  Turns out he was eating his boogers.  My reaction: "Gross!!  Grant stop it!  That's so discusting!"
Jane's rebuttle: "No mom, it's great.  You have to try it.  Boogers are yum!"
Say what?!?!?
Now I hear two kids making lip smacking noises.
"Don't pick your noses, guys!  It wil make them bleed!!!"
Jane:  "No mom, I'm not getting the hard ones, I'm eating the gooey ones.  Sometimes if there's a booger just like hanging i pick it and eat it.  It's So yum!"
Me: (insert dry heaving here)

Today I got a REALLY bad bloody nose.
Jane's response:  "Mom, you really should stop picking your nose."
Rodger that.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Santa Claus is coming to Town!

This past weekend was the annual Bassett Family Christmas party.  Cathy B. through a great party with food and games and cookie decorating and, of course, the appearance of The Big Man himself: SANTA!
Grant was so excited he kept trying to sit on his lap and everytime Santa called another kid up Grant would be bummed.  Finally it was his turn and he hopped right up on the Jolly Old Elf's knee and smiled for pictures.  The more we would say, "smile Grant" the more he waould ham it up.  He nuzzeled right into Santa's beard and then started stroking it!  Yep, he was the creepy kid, but it was so adorable.
Jane did better this year.  She's still a bit nervous around him but she sat on his knee and told him what she wasnted and that he'd have to find us in California this year. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

My Cute Kids

*On Wednesday Jane told me: "I got my ears checked at school today, Mom"
Me: "Oh yeah?  How'd it go? Are they good ears? "
Jane: "I did great!  I raised my hand even when I didn't hear anything!"

*We have Monsters Inc in the car right now and every time we start the car the movie starts over.  The fist scene in the movie is a monster sneaking in to scare a kid.  Grant calls it the "scary monster".  Whenever it comes on he starts yelling, "Mom!  Close your eyes! Close your eyes!" and I watch him in the rear-view-mirror as his eyes go big and then squeeze shut, big and then squeeze shut until the climax where he is literally prying his own eyes open with his fingers.  It's so cute!

*The other night I made Shepard's Pie.  Jane was whining because she didn't like it and didn't want to eat it. "Moooommmmm. . ..I don't like this!  It's not even a pie!"

*Grant has been going potty now and then and we've decided to reward his efforts with little glow sticks and loads of praise.  Yesterday I went to the bathroom and he said, "yay mom! Get a glow-stick!  I'm so happy and proud!" aaww, thanks little buddy! I do my best :)

*When Grant says the word "Temple" it sure sounds like "tampon"

*Jane: Mom, when am I going to get born again?
Me: Honey you only get born once.
Jane: But in church they said you get born again when you are baptised. . .
Me: Oh. Well your body doesn't get born again, just your spirit.
Jane: Where's my spirit?
Me: It's inside you.
Jane: (wiggling and feeling her arms) Like in my bones?!?!  I can't feel it. . .

*The other day we were walking to the park and Grant was lagging behind.  I turned to see where he was at and he was picking something up off the sidewalk and putting it in his mouth.  I started yelling at him to spit it out, whatever it was.  When I got closer I realized that he'd peeled some old gum off the sidewalk and that's what he was eating.  GROSS! total "Elf" moment.

*Jane and I were talking about being good because Santa is watching.  She said: "I don't care I'm bad and her brings me coal.  I like rocks.  I have a collection." So much for that.

*When Jane and Grant play make-believe, Jane calls Grant "Dea".  I thought that was a weird pretend name but then noticed that Grant would say, "Hey! I have a idea. . . " and with his little man speech it must have sounded to Jane like "Hey! I am Dea" 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Surviving Fall

Autumn is always the hardest time of the year for me.  With the cooling air comes depression and restlessness.  It's been this way for years.  So I generally dread the onset of Fall.  This year is no different.  But I have chosen to embrace some of the things I LOVE about this season to try to make it through. 

Canning Peaches
Usually I do this with my Mom.  This year she decided to go have fun in Europe with my dad (rough life) so I got to fly solo for the first time.  Thanks to my wonderful Aunt and her fruit laden trees, I had a TON of peaches (for free!).  It was a bit more difficult doing it all by myself but it worked out.  The house smelled of peaches and burnt sugar, I had the windows open and Grant playing out on the deck.  It was a perfect day.

Harvesting our produce
I love having a garden.  It is one of the best things about living in a house.  The kids love to pick our ripe veggies and this year they were super pleased with the carrots.  If I don't keep a sharp eye on them, they will sneak out and pull up a few :)  We had a big crop of grape tomatoes and our little pumpkins make me happy.

Fall has a specific type of music, if you ask me.  Usually it's Coldplay, Damien Rice, or Tori Amos.  This year I've found a new artist to soothe my soul. Ed Sheeran.  What is it about weird looking red heads? (He and Brett Dennen amaze me).

While I hate Fall, I love Halloween.  It is my favorite holiday, next to Christmas.  And now I have the added aid of Pinterest to get my decorating on!  I'm working on a tulle wreath and am already planning out how to make the kid's costumes.  LOVE IT!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Family Camping Trip

Last weekend we took the family on a camping trip.  We wanted to get in a family vacation before Trent starts his clinical rotations because we won't see him much for the next year and a half.  Trent and I spent hours on the internet looking up good spots, checking the fishing reports, and trying to find a campground.  We decided to head down to Palisades campground just outside of Manti.  Friday morning we packed the car with as much as we possibly could and headed out on the open road.  After 20 mins the kids were done with the car.  Too bad we still had 2 hours to go!
We pulled into Palisades and talked with the woman running the pay station. "What brings you here?" she asked.  "Fishing and camping and swimming!" we replied. She gave us a confused/sad look and said "You know we don't have a reservoir, right?  It's all dried up." What?!?!?!?!  We wanted to see for ourselves so we drove over to where the water should be.  She was right.  Where there should have been a good sized body of water stood a swampy puddle.  We were bummed!  After driving around the tiny, shade-free campsites, we decided to try somewhere else.  The kids were livid.  They wanted to set up camp NOW.  They wanted to get out of the car NOW.  So we drove back to Manti and had a little picnic which helped thier spirits (and their flat bums).
having a picnic in Manti
Trent has taken the scouts to a little place called Burrston Ponds in Mona, UT and thinks it's a great spot so we turned the car around and headed back to Mona.  When we got there we found a great spot surrounded by trees and close to the water.  I was impressed with all that place had to offer.  Swimming, fishing, they have several rope swings, frog hunting, clean port-a-potties, and huge trees.  We spent the rest of the afternoon fishing and roasting marshmallows over coals and going on walks.  That night it was super noisy with all the college kids using the rope swing well into the night.
Fishing with Dad.
Jane biffed it and scratched up her head.  She got over it, though.  Look how happy she is!
They love each other, so sweet.
Our camping spot the first night.
Grant super excited to be sleeping in a tent in his sleeping bag.
In the morning Trent wasn't feeling so well so he took the kids into town to get some medicine and I stayed and fished.  I caught 3 good sized rainbow trouts!  I was so stoked that when they got back, I took Jane out and she caught 4!  Trent went out after us and he caught 4 too!  Grant didn't have the attention span but was sure happy when we'd reel one in.
Jane's fish. Go Jane!
Ice Cream at the Big Red Barn
After lunch we went to the "Big Red Barn" about 10 miles north of Mona and got some homemade ice cream.  We thought the kids would be tired enough they would crash in the car, but it wasn't so.  By the time we got back to camp Trent and I were ready for naps but the kids weren't, so Trent took them to the city park in Mona and I tried fishing at a different pond (still in Burrston but not with loud swimmers).  As I walked over there, it started to rain and then it was a downpour so I cast my line in, rested it on a chair and then stood under a tree for shelter.  all of the sudden my line was moving!  I ran to the chair and yanked it back to set the hook. And the line broke!I looked in the water and saw a HUGE fish swimming away.  So I cast in again and immediatly got another bite!  I set the hook and reeled in . . .it was a little baby fish.  I unhooked it and cast out again.  Within seconds I had another one. This was awesome!  Trent rolled up with the kids and I told him about the fishing.  He didn't believe me so he cast out a line and within seconds he had a baby fish.  So we decided to move our camp to that pond.  By then it had stopped raining so we moved all our stuff to our hot fishing spot.  
Our camp site the second night.

 I took Grant out on the float boat to try and get a big fish.  We were trolling our line headed back to camp when something big got my line.  It was so strong it was literally pulling us in the boat as I tried to reel it in.  This was it!!!  King of the Pond!!  I was yelling to Trent and Jane on shore and reeling with all my might.  Trent yelled back "get it in the boat!!"  How was I supposed to do that?  It was a huge fish and a small boat.  I guess I could throw Bubba out.  No time for decisions!!  I got that fish right up to the boat and pulled hard.  He came up out of the water onto the side of the boat.  He was definitely King of the Pond!!!  And then the line snapped and he splashed back into the water and swam away.  I had had him!  He was mine.  I must catch him again. . .
That night we had Dutch oven pizza's (which were a work in progress) and we let the kids stay up late.  Trent and I fished for a couple of hours after the kids went to bed and then we called it a night too.

This is how we found them after they feel asleep Saturday night.  Precious!
Grant got dirty.  VERY dirty.
Sunday morning Grant woke up early (big surprise) so I took him out to try to find King of the Pond again.  We paddled around catching stupid baby fish and then I saw them.  3 Kings. . .3 ginormous fish swimming around our boat.  The stupid little fish had taken most of our bait by then so I had 1 1/2 worms left to work with.  I tried and tried until the bait was gone and the fish were no longer in site.  It was not meant to be.
We had breakfast and packed up and headed to home to do-dirt ourselves.
We had a wonderful vacation, despite some minor snags, and the kids can't wait to go camping again.  Sunday night we ate some of our Rainbows and Jane was so proud.  Family vacation=success!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Miss Kitty

 My little brother and his wife had their first baby on Friday.  I am so excited to meet little Owen Peter Larsen! With the arrival of sweet baby boy, I got baby hungry.  BAD.  So what does a sane woman do when she get's baby hungry?  She takes her kids to the pet store to get a hampster.  It can not be considered her fault if on that very same day the Humane Society happens to be at said pet store with baby kitties who need to be loved.
We got a cat.  So far we only call her "Miss Kitty" because we can't agree on a name.  She  was so sweet at the pet store-- snuggly and playful.  The kids LOVE her!!!  But poor Jane is allergic, we think.  Her eyes are watering and her nose is running but she refuses to put that kitty down.  Grant, bless his heart, loves the kitty too, but he doesn't know how to play gently.   We will really have to work on that.  Even Trent is ok with the cat.  It's taken him 7 years to warm up to the idea but he finally gave in (he figured I'd need a buddy to keep me company when he is away at clinicals)  Welcome to the family, Miss Kitty!
notice the snot stains on Jane's shirt.  Her nose is running but she's not letting that cat go!
A rare pic of Grant being gentle

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jane goes to Kindergarten

Well, Jane survived her first day of "big kid school".  I can't say as much for me.  She woke up this morning and ran into my room saying, "Mom! Get up!  I have to get ready for school!!"  She was so excited to go and meet her new classmates and ride the bus.  After a good breakfast (Apple Jacks) and getting ready, we went out to take pictures and meet her neighborhood friends to walk to the bus.  Her friend Lexi, who is in Jr. High this year, woke up early just to see Jane off on her first day.  So sweet.  Grant and I walked with Jane and her friends to the bus stop and as soon as that stupid yellow bus pulled up, I started crying.  What?!?!?  Didn't see that one coming.  Our neighbor Sarah took Jane by the hand and together they got on the bus. I was proud and sad and grateful and excited and scared all at the same time.
 As soon as the bus pulled away, Grant and I went back home, got the car, and went to the school to see her get off the bus.  We got held up a bit talking to neighbors so we missed her getting off the bus( which made me bawl).  But there she stood with her class and her teacher ready to start the day.
 I had gathered myself and was able to get in some pictures of her and her class but then some other teary mom walked by and I lost it again. Pathetic.  Once the kids went inside, we left and I cried all the way to Wal Mart.  I was doing fine again and then Trent called to see how the morning had gone.   Right there in the underwear section of Wal Mart I started crying again.  What's the deal?!?!?!?
After shopping and a playdate for Grant, we  waited for Sis at the bus stop.  Grant kept  leaning out to see if the bus was coming.  It finally came and out walked my tired Kindergartener.  Whew. She made it.  Glad that's over. Too bad we have to do it all again tomorrow. . .
Bubba looking for the bus
Here she comes!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Hard Questions

 I had a crazy morning and had no idea that there had been a mass shooting in Colorado until we got in the car to come back from Grant's yearly check up and heard that there had been a shooting.  So I ran home and turned on the noon news on the TV and watched. Devastating.  My kids were with me and I hurried and made them lunch so I could listen to the news report.  They sat with me eating grilled cheese.  After the reported finished, they had a physiologist talk about how to deal with kids regarding this tragedy.  The first thing he said about younger children was simply not tell them about it (still not sure if that is the right approach but whatever).  So I turned the TV off.

Later, at dinner, Jane started asking all kinds of questions about what happened in Colorado.  Who was that guy?  Are those people dead forever?  Does that guy live in our land?  What's an 'injury'?  Do people die from them?  What happens when we go to live with Heavenly Father? Does he make the injuries better?  The police got that guy so there are no more bad guys, right?  What if bad guys come to our house?  What's a weapon?  Who sent that man here?  His mom?  Why is he a bad guy?  Am I a bad girl?  We should just kill all the bad guys, right mom?

No one prepares you for these kinds of questions coming from a 5 year old.  I tried to answer to the best of my abilities and in a way she would understand without freaking her out.  But the truth is, even I don't understand it all.  I have no idea why that guy was a "bad guy" and why he did what he did.  All I could offer her was my protection and that Heavenly Father will take care of us and the people who got hurt.  She cried a little.  It broke my heart.  To have the world seem such a scary place. . .at 5?!?!?!?  Part of me regrets letting her watch that news program.  She shouldn't have to face the real world so early.  And maybe that psychologist was right--just don't even tell your kids what happened.
But at the same time, I can't keep the world from her or her from the world.  I am the vulture mother--the one who stands on the doorstep to make sure the kids get to their friends' house safe.  The one who checks on them constantly just to make sure they are ok.  Jane and Grant hate this.  But today I was able to explain why I do it.  I was able to express to her that it's because I love her and want to protect her from the "bad guys" out there.  I think it's important for her to know that there are people out there who do bad things but there are also "good guys" who protect us.  That God is watching over her and so are her parents and that even if something bad happened, she will be ok.
I don't have all the answers and I know that children expect grown-ups to.  My heart broke today.  For the people who were in that theater and their loved ones but also for my daughter.  I wish I could give her a better world.  I wish I could give her all the answers to all her questions.

Side note: Tonight at bedtime I went to tuck her in and one of her goldfish was dead.  Perfect.  So with teary eyes, we flushed Anna down the toilet.  "Don't worry, Sweetie.  She's with Heavenly Father now."  She looked up a bit confused and pointed to the toilet, "But how's He gonna get her out of there?"

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Real Men Tri at 30

All set up and ready to start
 For Trent's big 3-0 he wanted to run a Sprint Triathlon.  He had a hard time sticking to a training schedule with school but he didn't back out.  So yesterday, for his birthday, we woke up at 4:30 am (the kids were thankfully at my Aunt's) and drove up to Echo Reservoir.  Trent rode his bike over to the "transition area" and I took a shuttle in.  He was nervous but excited.  Before long, it was time to start.  His first event was swimming.  Swimming is Trent's thing.  I actually think he may be part fish. . .but he was still nervous about it.  The 1/2 mile swim took no time at all and he was soon out and running for the transition area to gear up for his bike ride.  He seemed tired but he rode on.  After the 12 mile bike ride, he dropped off his bike gear and headed out for a 5K run.  I was tired just watching these people do this!  Some looked like death.  Some looked like it was a walk in the park.  Trent looked spent but he's not a quitter.  About a mile and a half from the finish, his legs started cramping up.  Charlie-Horses ripped through his legs but he still managed to finish!  I was so proud of him!!!  He did it, and with very little training (he won't make that mistake again).  He says he wants to do it again . . . just not any time soon.  Happy 30th Birthday Trent!  You amaze me!
Trent is smack-dab in the middle of the picture. Not the guy at the bottom of the pic, but one up from him.
Done with the Swim
Headed out on the bike
Last event--the run.
He made it!!!
The massage after.  Is that cute girl rubbing my husband's bum?!?!?  Why yes she is, and boy does he looked pleased! :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Bubba is 3!

My Sweet Handsome Dude was born 3 years ago today.  What a three years it has been!  He started out so quiet and calm and now he is the life of the party.  This boy cracks us up! And drives us nuts. And everything in between.  Our lives would definitely be sooooo boring without Grant.  Here is a quick glimpse of our guy at 3:

Favorite book:  "Stuck" (we read it EVERY night)
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite foods: Hot Dogs, popcorn, scrambled eggs
Favorite toy: any car or train he can find
Favorite person: Sis
Favorite phrase: "Sorry Mommy/Daddy/sissy/etc" or "What-a doin'?"or "look-it me!"
Favorite show: Fireman Sam or Popeye

*He's a mamma's boy.
*He loves to wake us up in the morning, bright and early, with a "cock-doodle-dooooo!"
*He loves to dance.  Even if he's throwing a fit, if you turn on music with a beat, he will start dancing.
*He is very independent.  He want to do things himself and will redo it if you have already done it for him.
*He is very coordinated.
*He is a very social fellow.  He will walk right up to perfect strangers and say hello, he can make friends wherever he goes, and he has NO personal space.
*He never stops moving--even when he's sleeping.
*He has very little-no fear. He just goes for it! (definitely Trent's kid)
*His most ticklish spot is on his little collar bones.
*He loves Popsicles and swimming and doing whatever sister is doing.

We love you buddy!  Happy Birthday!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Grant's Carnival

 I love throwing a party, especially for my kids.  This year is Trent's big 3-0 and so I had started planning a big surprise party for him when he told me flat out he didn't want a party.  Bummer.  So I channeled all that party-planning energy into Grant's birthday.  We only do big friend parties for the kids every other year and this was his year so I started planning months ago.  And with the help of Pinterest, I had the perfect party for him.  The invites turned out great.  I had the theme and the goodies and the prizes and the games.  I had this party planned down to the very last detail.
Morning of the party: It hasn't rained all summer but today it decided to be a rainy day.  Good for the firefighters, bad for the party planner.  Just a bump in the road.  Grant woke up with a terrible cold.  I scrambled to get to Wal-Mart to get the balloons and wouldn't you know it, they were out of helium. By noon I was ready to go nuts.  But the show must go on.  So I called and scheduled our clubhouse then ran door to door in the rain knocking on doors telling everyone the party had changed locations.  My sweet Aunt came and got the kids and took them on an adventure while I decorated the cake and by 4:30 we were set with the "new party", just as the clouds cleared and the sun came out.
Long story short, we had a wonderful party for Grant.  Although it didn't go quite as planned, all of his guests showed up, the games were played, the food eaten, the candles blown out, and the boy was happy.  I'd consider that a success, even if it wasn't perfect.  A big thank you to our families for all the help they gave us with games/booths/wrangling children.  Thank you to the kids who came for all the amazing gifts you gave to Grant.  He is all set for like 4 years now!  So generous of you.  And thank you to my unbelievable husband for all he did to make this happen.  Now for the pics!
The Cake
The Ring Toss.  Thanks Cathy!
The Pin Drop.  Thanks Charlene!
The Can Knockdown and the Amazing husband

The Beanbag Toss.  Thanks Mom!
Blowing out the candles.  My bro Zach brought colored flame candles for the cake.  They were awesome!
Face Painting. Thanks Dad! (Thanks for the paints, Amy.  We missed you!)

Opening presents.  The kid got spoiled but look how happy he is! What a cute little tiger!

Happy 4th of July!

We had a very busy Independence Day this year.  My friend Holly and I organized a neighborhood Potluck breakfast at the park.  Who doesn't like a Pancake breakfast on the 4th of July?!?!?  We had a great turn out and Gini Cates decided last minute to make homemade scones freshly fried.  They were to die for!!!  There was so much good food and so many wonderful people. 
After the breakfast, we ran out to Utah Lake to spend time with Trent's family on the lake with the jet skis. It was warm and mostly bug free and the kids loved riding with Aunt Amy and Grandpa.  Grandma Bassett, as usual, brought in an impressive spread for lunch and then we headed home for some much needed R&R. 
After some rest, while Trent was working on homework, the kids and I headed out to get some fireworks and ice cream.  The kids were so excited about the fireworks (especially the tanks, chickens, and snaps).
We grilled up some burgers and then I got to baking Grant's cake for the following day.
That night we went to the park and lit off fireworks with our neighbors.  They brought some impressive ones (not snaps and tanks, but ariels!)By 10:20 pm we were tuckered out so we left (even though they still had loads to go!)

It was a wonderful, yet tiring day!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pinterest made me do it!

 So I have fallen in love with the website Pinterest.  I have found so many fun things on there!!!  Crafts, garden ideas, recipes,  fun ideas to do with the kids, party ideas, etc.  So over the past several months, I've gotten crafty (with the help of others and their wonderful ideas)  Here are a few of my creations:
Aprons for my Finer Girls to keep food off or husbands on. . .
A Get Well Card. . .With band-aids.  Creative, right? Wish I could take credit.

Jane and Grant's fingerprints in baked clay made into key chains for Mother's Day
A Ninja onesie!!!!

Ninja onesies and dolls to go with an awesome book for my brother and his wife's first baby. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dirty Dash 2012

After the blast we had last year, we decided to do the Dirty Dash again this year.    We wanted a later time so we could get muddier and so that we would finish close to the start of the Piglet Plunge.  What we didn't anticipate were the crowds and the traffic.  Man!  We waited in traffic for 30 mins just to get into the parking lot.  We were late for our start time so we just started running when we got there.  They added new obstacles this year.  Lots more. Which was cool other than we had to wait in lines at most of them which made it less like a Dash and more like a  day at Disneyland (without the magic).  But it was fun.  We got WAY muddier than we did last year and that dirt refused to come out, even with Oxyclean. :)
We made our kids do the Piglet Plunge this year.  Mostly because I wanted to do the Slop n' Slide again.  Jane was excited for it but that excitement seemed to dim when she got hit with cold spraying water.  Grant was at first worried about the mud being on him and then he was just mad we were making him hike up the hills.  Oh well.  Someday they will thank us, right :)