Thursday, February 21, 2008

Simming with Jane

Yesterday we took Jane to swim at the Jewish Community Center up by the hospital. Despite the water being a bit cold, she loved it!!!! We pulled her around on the kick board, let her stand on the center island thingy, and she even was brave enough to dunk her head in a few times! She is going o be quite the little fish this summer.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Yeah, ok, so I publish things a bit late, but at least I get to it. We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day. We had a low-key day but it was a blast! Trent surprised Jane and me in the morning with flowers for me and a stuffed pink monkey for Jane. We had a sugary breakfast and then Trent headed to school. I chopped my hair off and got his surprises ready. When he came he got a chips and salsa bouquet and I got a pass to the pool. We got Greek take out and watched the sun set from the Health Ed building's 5th floor. We topped off the night with a LOST episode. good times. Jane didn't seem to notice that they day was any different other than the arrival of the pink monkey, but she still managed to send out her Mickey Mouse valentines to her cousins and her little friends. Hooray for holidays!!!!

Jane opening her Valentines present from her Grandma Larsen

Jane and her bright pink monkey

The Chips and Salsa Bouquet

Jane and Trent goofing off at the Health Ed building

9 months old & crawling!

Well, Jane just hit her nine month mark. she has certainly grown from nine months ago. Now instead of just sitting there like a slug, she can crawl, feed herself little treats, pull her self up on furniture, turn the pages of a book, talk to other babies (very loudly), laugh, pinch, throw a fit, and open cupboards that are down low. She still has yet to get a tooth, but we are actually grateful that they haven't shown up yet as she has a tendency to bite everything and everyone. Her little personality is just growing every second and it's so wonderful to see the kind of person she's developing into. She loves to flirt with strangers, especially young guys. The girl knows how to turn on the charm. . . we are going to have to watch her close.

We are happy that she has finally learned how to crawl. however, we now have to watch her closer and barricade her in rooms so that she doesn't crawl into something she shouldn't be eating (like by the front door to eat all of our shoes.) She loves to lift herself up on things and then inch her way around the room. yikes!!! We can't wait to see what the next few months bring.