Tuesday, November 12, 2013

North Carolina

Last week Trent and I flew out to North Carolina for a job interview.  I had no idea how dense the trees were out there!  We got off the flight, got our rental car, and thought we'd stop at the first fast food place to catch some dinner (we were starving from the flight.  Pretzels just don't cut it after 7 hours).  We drove for a while and didn't see ANYTHING!  I got on Google and tried to find restaurants close by....the closest one was 30 mins away!!!  Once we got fed and back on the road, it was another 40 mins to our destination: Pinehurst. 
The next morning I dropped Trent off at the hospital to interview and I went exploring.  I drove into Pinehurst village.  It was so quaint!  all these beautiful old white buildings with brick sidewalks and old people everywhere!  I drove around a little more and found beautiful golf courses (there are over 60 in the area), historic buildings, trees, and more trees.
Later that night, the head CRNA and another CRNA from the hospital and their wives took us out to dinner at this perfect little Italian restaurant.  The food was amazing (and free)!  Then they drove us all around showing us the area and filling us in.  We were definitely wined and dined :)
The next morning a real estate agent picked us up and showed us several neighborhoods in the area and took us through a few rental homes.  The houses out there are HUGE inside and they all have a ton of windows and high ceilings.  I am completely in love with them (the style, the size, the layouts)!  However, the neighborhoods aren't like in Utah... Each house is set in it's own thicket of trees.  No 2 homes are side by side, there are tons of pine trees to separate them.  And the soil there is pure sand so you have to bring in top soil to get anything to grow.  This may be a problem...
Saturday was our last day and we wanted to see the beach.  We took off in the rental car and drove past these brown fields that were speckled with white.  Upon closer inspection, we discovered they were cotton fields!!!  There was cotton growing right out of the ground!  So cool.
This week we fly to Arizona for a couple more interviews.  Pinehurst wants an answer this week so probably by Friday or Saturday this week we will know where we are headed.  Wish us luck!


Ben said...

A big group of my LDS friends (like 20) drive down from Columbus to Pinehurst in April for a week of golfing. They keep asking me to go, and I haven't yet, but if you guys will be there I'd have to reconsider!

Na said...

That's so exciting y'all! Good luck.