Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jane turned 6 so we had a Party

I can't believe our little Jane is already 6 years old!  Man time flies!  This year was her "friend party" year and you know how I love to throw a party!  We had a bit of a struggle picking a theme and deciding who to invite but when all was said and done, we decided on a Jewery making party with no boys (except Bubba and Dad) allowed!
Here are the invites:

This was the set up: pink and black streamers, pink strawberry cupcakes, and purse shaped gift bags (that included ring pops, nail polish, lip gloss, temp tatoos, and a glow stick bracelet)
For activites, the girls made candy necklaces (out of colored twizzlers, gummy lifesavers, and fruit loops), they made colored pearl bracelets, and we played some rip roaring rounds of Freeze Dance.
Here's a pic of most of the girls.  We had 13 in all plus Jane and Grant:
And here is the birthday girl blowing out her candles:


kalie said...

Wow! What an awesome party!

Erin said...

I've said this before, but you need to plan my kids parties for me...and make the cake! And you are amazing. And Jane is cute! And she and Tyler need to get married. The End!

Amylee said...

You need to be a party planner when you grow up. Love this! And Jane is the cutest 6 year old ever.