Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekly Whisper Update

  • I got a call this week and the PTA at Jane's school wants me to be the Treasurer for next year!  I'm excited to get involved and get to know more moms.
  • On Friday, Grant had his Kindergarten assessment/registration.  He is so excited to go to school and isn't shy at all.  It will be nice to have both kids in school full time.  I won't know what to do with all that free time!  
  • This weekend was a busy one around here.  There were 4 different plant sales going on, dozens of yard/garage sales, and a Spring Festival in Southern Pines.   I helped with the Whispering Pines plant sale (put on by the Garden club) and then bounced over to another plant sale with a friend and stocked up!  After that, we went as a family to the Spring Fest and walked around the booths.  Jane got a glitter tattoo, Grant went on a Carnival "ride", I found a kitty and a puppy to adopt (Trent said no), we got treats, the kids got to hold a lizard, and we all enjoyed the wonderful weather.  My Aunt Charlene flew in that afternoon so I drove up to Raleigh to get her and we are so excited to have her here for the next 9 days.
  • With all the plant sales going on, I took Jane to get her very own flowers to set up her very own garden!  It was a girls night out.  We also got some scrap lumber from across the street and made a little raised box.  She had fun placing and planting the flowers and has been good at watering them, too.  
  • Last night I caught a frog in our front yard!  It was so cool!  He was just sitting in the garden when I went out to water and I grabbed him.  Gotta love country living :P


Erin said...

I'm sorry I just saw you are doing weekly updates! YAY!!! It sounds like you are settling right in and making it home. Love you friend!

Amy Nicoll said...

I love that you got Jane to do her own garden! Such fun to share your passion with your daughter.