Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekly Whisper Update: Birthday and Charlene

*We had the pleasure of having my Aunt Charlene visit for the week.  We were able to work in the yard, work out at the gym, go to Fayetteville to see the Market House and the Special Ops Museum, show her the area, and just hang about.
*It was really interesting to go to the Special Ops museum because all of our neighbors, save the fire chief down the road, are Special Ops.  It was cool to see what exactly they do.  I have always been grateful for the men and women who serve in the armed forces, but the more I learn, the more respect I have for them and the families that are constantly sacrificing so that we can be free.
Bubba at the Special Ops Museum

Charlene and Grant at the Market House

*This last Saturday was my 31st birthday.  Trent surprised me on Friday with a trip to Myrtle Beach, just the two of us.  Charlene was nice enough to watch the kids while we went.  On the drive there, we ran into a Strawberry Festival and a car accident.  While we weren't able to help at the accident, it refreshed in me the desire to do EMT work.  I need to start working on getting my North Carolina licence....
Myrtle Beach
*Trent got us a hotel right on the beach and to top it off, it also had 2 indoor water parks!  Saturday morning we slept in (best. gift. ever.) and then walked down and had birthday bagels on the beach :)  After a stroll down the shore a ways, we went back and tried out the water park.  It wasn't huge but it had some water slides and several hot tubs so we were happy.  We checked out and walked along the boardwalk looking in all the little shops and stopping for some delicious burgers.
Surprise! Let's eat cake :)
*A Whitney birthday wouldn't be complete without a trip to a plant store and I got to go to 2!  On the way home I got some flowers at Home Depot and some more at Lowe's.
*Charlene had a wonderful dinner waiting for us when we got home and after she had a little surprise party planned with our neighbors.  We had cake and ice cream and just sat around and talked.  I had a killer migraine, however, so the party was cut short.
*Thank you to everyone for the calls and cards and birthday wishes.  I was truly spoiled!


Amy Nicoll said...

Shut. Up. I never look at blogs, but lo and behold!!! Such good times last week. I'll have to look at this more often. Sounds like your neighborhood is full of great people. Glad you had a great birthday!

(I'm hoping I get to sleep in on mine, too.)

Erin said...

What a sweet Aunt! And you should totally get your N.C. license!!!